Answers - All About Jobs

How to find a job


The usual tasks for ESL teachers


Things to consider when choosing a job


Apply from home or move abroad and look


Guide to choosing where to live and work


Will I make enough money teaching English abroad


What kind of housing can I expect


Info on teaching and working hours


Info on clothes and work attire


How do I know the school is trustworthy


How much money to take with you


Earning extra money with private lessons


Tips on resumes without teaching experience


Qualifications other than CELTA or TESOL


Teaching English without graduating college


Teaching without or outside your work visa


What about job scams


List of schools and types of jobs


Information on ESL students and class sizes


Curriculum & Atmosphere Differences


Things to consider on where to find a job


Info on peak hiring seasons


Info on places to save your salary or make extra cash


How long is a contract


Info for two teachers wanting to work together


Teaching English for only a few months


How do I know the recruiter is trustworthy


The ease of finding teaching jobs


Does the school provide health insurance


Can I teach if I only speak English


Info on ESL teaching credentials


ESL teachers and teaching degrees


Leaving a job before the end of your contract


Minimum age to teach abroad


Keeping your passport


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